What keeps people stuck!

The core limiting factors I have discovered are some of  the reasons why people stay stuck in behaviors, relationships, jobs etc. Not only do we sometimes  believe it is too late, however,  we may have subconsciously become hung up on the roles that we  have taken and what society has taught us. We go through life with others telling us we need to know who we are and what we want to be when we grow up. We place value on future plans of a marital nature, child bearing pressures, and acceptable retirement amounts and so forth. We subconsciously adopt the idea that we are supposed to have it all figured out, when in fact, we are works in progress. One of the key factors we miss in the process is teaching ourselves and others that it is ok to change and develop or shift gears towards something new. We adopt a deep notion that we are limited and stuck under “one umbrella” however, believing this concept is why I feel so many are unhappy in their careers, relationships and so forth. Life is a fluid process of growth and discovery. Just like the clothes we wear we may outgrow things and desire to reach towards new ideas of self development and experiences. Learning to grasp the idea of re-inventing yourself and the freedom to know it’s not only ok but necessary to thrive is a gift we can give ourselves and others; Best part…..you not only become who you were born to be, however, you get to step outside the box and this is where opportunity shows up. -Amy O’Brien

Published by Amy O'Brien

Inspirational messenger to those searching to find strength, meaning, and to embrace the power we all have to create a life of purpose and happiness-Empowering people to find the infinite possibilities within! Writer with publishing dream in the works.

4 thoughts on “What keeps people stuck!

  1. Amy, Omg I’m so Excited for you, this is awesome and i know that you are going to do amazing things ❤ you’ve always told me that you wanted to do this and I knew you would!!! you inspire me and you are amazing in EVERYTHING you do! ♡ you


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