magic-04Illusion defined is a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses. A deceptive appearance or impression. A false idea or belief. An illusion can make us think we see things a certain way when in fact we are just being derailed by our false ideas which may lead us into missing out on the real meanings of our experiences. In magic illusions leave us in awe as we realize things are not what they seem and we are intrigued by the mystery however, in life we must learn to see behind the illusions that we are influenced by. There is a mask and veil that covers over the real truths to life and in coming to a point of loss or vulnerability it is then we begin to see behind this illusion and it is here we begin to realize that as things strip away, core truths begin to be revealed. Through any kind of loss we are left to look at the bare facts and although these moments can be scary it is through loss that the essential bare bones, bare details, and bare facts can actually be viewed in the purest form and it is here where we can actually begin to find peace within the real truths to life. I once remember listening to the late Wayne Dyer speak of a man who picked out the suit of which he would someday be buried in and he had cut holes in both pockets. When asked why he had done this the man replied “I came into this world with nothing and this is how I will leave.” This is such a strong truth to one of the major illusions I feel we fall prey to in life. We spend our lives collecting, hoarding, filling up our homes, garages, basements, attics, and so forth however, when we come to the end of our days, we take not one thing with us except our soul. Heck, we don’t even take our own bodies with us to the other side. We go on to wherever our spirit takes flight and take with us the memories and experiences of our life’s journey and not one item we have gathered can cross over to the other side with us.

Another type of illusion we fall prey to is the so-called illusion of stability. In life we chace after feelings of stability and falsely believe that not only the things we have collected are stable however, we falsely believe that our homes, jobs, and relationships are stable too. Many of us go through life basing our worth on job titles, financial status, homes, relationships and so forth and we are tricked into thinking that these things are not subject to change, decay, or subject to any form of dismantle. However, in life the real truth revealed is that life is a continuum of change and every second is never the same as the last one before it. All forms of matter are subject to instability. I know these ideas are making some people nervous and probably giving you a negative feeling and this may leave some wondering why I would be trying to point out forms of discomfort by revealing such insecurity however, I promise I will explain and it is here you will find comfort in the face of lifting the veil of illusion. We in fact participate and are living in a world where all things are subject to change and the harder we grasp to believing they are not the more fear filled we may become. I also belive that once we grasp onto the instability aspect it is here we may find more respect for our experiences.

I am speaking of these illusions in efforts to help see past them and in doing this we can learn to grasp onto the true pulse of life, view it in its totality, embrace the changing aspects, respect and participate in it with a higher sense of value, and ultimately learn to clutch more loosely so as not to get too hung up on rigid beliefs that seem real but in fact do not define us; let me explain.

If we are to lift the veil of illusion or to say erase the idea that what we have is who we are, what we own, what we do, and what we appear to be, we would in fact see that we are so much more. When we spend our life defining ourselves based on any of those things, then when they disappear, who are we? Well, that can be answered when we hit the bare bones totality of  our innermost selves. We are heart, spirit, mind, memories, love, flesh and bones. We are alive, breathing, experiencing and we are adaptable and changing. We like a butterfly shed our past self and grow “so-called” wings that take us to the next journey when our time here is up. Nothing comes with us, not one thing and this is why. Things here on earth are fleeting, subject to change, and decay. Things of this life are here for us and are absolutely meant to allow us to experience life in all its senses and glory however, we are to enjoy them, loosely hold them, and let go when the time is right. I want to make clear that I am not suggesting that having nice homes, cars, jobs, and things is bad in fact, it is absolutely not, we all do and should experience all of it as if we are sipping a fine tasty wine. However, my point is this, it is here for us to tap into however, not define us. This is the illusion. We are not our cars, our homes, our credit score. Our lovers do not make us worth it nor does any title we gain through schooling. By all means go for all the things that make a life feel exhilarating, easier, fun, and fill you with ecstasy however, just remember that these things do not and can not make or break you. You are you, bare bones, with or without any title, any job, any car, or any relationship. When you realize this you will adapt when these things fail, change, crumble or simply turn into something different.

Do not fall into the trap of believing the illusion that the things here in life make you who you are, enjoy them, in fact savor them, but remember when we come to the last day and it is time to shed ourselves from this experience it all gets left behind. Make your time here one that enjoys all those things, strives for comfort, reach for dreams and goals and experiences love. Fill your days with visions of success rich with the gift of experience, taste the flavor of all of life’s bounty but remember the essence of who you are is the real magic behind the veil – Live free knowing that what you are inside is unchanging no matter what happens around you.

Live Full

Published by Amy O'Brien

Inspirational messenger to those searching to find strength, meaning, and to embrace the power we all have to create a life of purpose and happiness-Empowering people to find the infinite possibilities within! Writer with publishing dream in the works.

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