Step Into it! Your timing will align when it is supposed to! When it does….Be ready!

step-into-the-lightHey there! I’m back! Sorry about the long break however, in truth, I needed it.  I would like to take this time to do a quick Blog about Stepping into your dreams, destiny, goals, desires, and talk about timing.

We have all heard the term “Timing is everything!” While this is most definitely a statement of truth, our timing however, will not line up until higher purpose timing is also ready. What does this mean? Be patient, but most importantly, be ready! I once heard this message loosly taken from the late Jim Rohn- Success does not waste itself on the unprepared. Eventually as we take the time to learn, gather resources, grow, and so forth we become more and more prepared for what is about to manifest in our lives. We are much better off continually pressing forward, growing our vision, and when our time arrives we will have gained far more than we have realized. What this means is, do not focus on the idea that it has to be on “OUR” time, try and think more in terms of “UNIVERSAL” time. We have to have faith in knowing that what ever it is we set out to do, either big or small, it will come to fruition when we are ready to receive its rewards. The farmer cannot sell his produce without first tending to his crops. Keep this in mind with whatever, your goals or endevors may be. Tend to the crops, sew the seeds, water and nourish whatever it is you are growing and get ready for the moment when the tree bears it’s fruit. It’s best to have the barrel ready to catch the apples than to have them fall to the ground and rot. Make no mistake, we must continually prepare for the bounty life gives us and embrace the UNIVERSAL moment of it’s delivery!


So, step into it, dream your dreams, set your goals, visualize your desires and get ready!

Stay tuned for my upcoming blogs about my book! Soon to be manifest! XO

Published by Amy O'Brien

Inspirational messenger to those searching to find strength, meaning, and to embrace the power we all have to create a life of purpose and happiness-Empowering people to find the infinite possibilities within! Writer with publishing dream in the works.

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