To Dream Big We Must Act small

We hear the term “Dream Big” all the time and yes that is most definatly what takes us to ultimately seeing the “big picture” of our aspirations however, to dream big and meet that dream we must act small. You may be thinking “act small? How will this lead to the “big dream?” Let me explain! Sometimes in dreaming big we get lost in the grandiose ideas of how we will get there. In these grandiose ideas we become overwhelmed and all of a sudden we may find ourselves procrastinating and or feeling stuck because our dream or vision may be so large (and this is wonderful) however, this may actually be causing  us the inability to see the small steps within the process that will ultimatly get us there. Having our sights on a grandiose idea or vision for our lives is absolulty necessary to get us to the place we so desire however, we must embrace taking small, tiny action steps along the way that will not only lead us to our destination however, enrich us and allow us to build the process along the way. What happens is this: growth, knowlege, learning new skills, perfect timing, and the manifestation of perhaps even more than we originally set our sights on occurs. The lesson in this for me as follows: I do not need to be a blogger with one million followers right out of the gate with the most phenomenal blogs that blow the minds of all. I can start out small, with limited blog knowledge, with good faith leading me, a sense of adventure and eventully build my way to what is meant for me! Let us choose to take that step towards our dreams however small and enjoy the feelings the journey brings us along the way!

Published by Amy O'Brien

Inspirational messenger to those searching to find strength, meaning, and to embrace the power we all have to create a life of purpose and happiness-Empowering people to find the infinite possibilities within! Writer with publishing dream in the works.

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